That day, the Marais Mood “fashion police” were patrolling the courtyard of the Soubise hotel, at the National Archives, when they came across this couple. 

Intrigued, our field agents quickly apprehended – gently – the two individuals dressed in black. Who have revealed their identity. 

They were two Koreans of average build, black hair and brown eyes. Special sign: Covid-19 had in no way diminished their love of Paris, its parks and gardens (the Buttes-Chaumont, the Place des Vosges), its islands (de la Cité, Saint-Louis) nor its neighborhoods with multiple identities, starting with the Marais, of course!

“I like black because it’s comfortable and chic,” Ahn told us, la young woman from the volcanic island of Jeju-do (south of the peninsula, in the China Sea) where the rock is also black. 

Landed in Paris two years ago, Fashion school student Dong Wan added: “We Koreans are very attentive to fashion and appearances because we realize that first impressions count a lot. » His sources of inspiration? Martin Margiela but also the stylist Sandrine Philippe. “Within three years, I want to create a brand,” said the determined fashionista.

Student in cultural mediation

T-shirt – Damir moda

Pants and bibs – & Other Story

Jacket – Mxm

Shoes – Prada

Fashion student

T-shirt  – Sandrine Philippe

Shirt – Damir moda

Pants and bibs – Yourser

Jacket –Angelo Litrico vintage

Sneakers –Converse

Text: Katia Barillot
Photos: Anaïs Costet – Instagram



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