Valentine Gauthier created her eponymous brand in 2007 with the desire to dress women so that they feel “good in their lives”.

Sensitive to the living and eco-responsible before its time, the designer was able to design an engaged, fresh and colorful wardrobe, with crossed influences between art culture and know-how.

More than a fashion brand, it is a “lifestyle” that it showcases in its workshop concept store in the Marais. Generous, she has surrounded herself with artists and craftsmen for whom she makes a place in this universe where we can discover her selection of objects.

For us, she shares her vision of the “new luxury”, of sustainable fashion which is accurately renewed each season, without ever running out of steam. And for the Marais Mood, she gives us her favorite addresses in the neighborhood.

Sandrine Maggiani: How to define the Valentine Gauthier wardrobe?

Valentine Gauthier: “My wardrobe reflects my taste for muted or bold colors and for a style between femininity and androgyny. No trendy conformism in what I offer, but clothes in which women can express their difference and their personality! I believe in fashion that makes you beautiful, free and strong”.

What is new luxury and how does the Valentine Gauthier brand fit into it?

« Since 2009, I have been creating a wardrobe in the approach of what I call “new luxury” which is defined by the choice of materials for their environmental qualities, the finishes in the assembly, the selected partners, the production in small series and the creative work. I have always thought of my fashion like this, since my beginnings, and I continue! »

What differentiates your brand from all the fashion brands involved today?

“When you like my clothes, you adopt, alongside me, a more responsible way of consuming. Authenticity, respect for tradition in manufacturing, the use of innovative and respectful processes, natural, recycled or sustainable materials. Our sincerity too. We are making our entire approach visible, even going so far as to make our workshop public, which now faces the street next to our Marais boutique.”.

Why did you make your store a “lifestyle” space?

« By opening our Marais boutique to artists and artisans who share our vision, our desire is to defend beauty and know-how by promoting craftsmanship. Through this contribution, I wish to share the emotion of unique pieces. These are objects that are passed on and kept, unlike soulless and disposable consumption.”.

What is your vision of sustainable fashion in the face of unavoidable changes in modes of creation and consumption?

“We’re just going back to common sense.” These essential changes require us to listen even more closely to our customers to move towards more adapted, fairer fashion, which we are already doing by producing in small series, but this should become a norm, just like the ultra transparent. Even if clothing produced while respecting this virtuous circle is necessarily more expensive, this teaches us to consume less but better.”

What do you want to communicate to your community, your customers and those who discover you?

“The desire to restore happiness and meaning to our lives and to stop this race forward. It’s work that everyone can do on their own scale, through even the most mundane actions. We must not hesitate to speak out on these subjects and to combat the absurdity of a world which has become deadly.”

Why does Le Marais remain “your Parisian village”?

« The marsh is historically a district of artisans and makers.
Even if it has become an art and creation district now too invaded by brand chains that surf on this alternating current, some fortunately continue to defend it on these principles which are essential ».

Valentine Gauthier’s favorite addresses in the neighborhood?

• Culture and reading
Art galleries: Perrotin, Thaddeus Ropac, Thomas Bernard, Marianne Goodman, Philippe Jousse. The OFR Bookstore for art books and magazines.
• Music
Independent rock, especially indie, but the open-air classical concerts of ArteMusica at the Hôtel de Sauroy are wonderful, pay homage to the beauty of the place, are totally independent and transport us to a poetic Paris.
• Coffee
Maison Plisson because the products are exceptional and above all because at its head is Delphine, a funny warrior who never stops rolling up her sleeves.
• Restaurants
Ogata, the luxurious temple of Japanese refinement
• Florist
Castor Florist
• Well-being
Maison Suisen, a real ryokan dedicated to massage
• Garden
The garden of the Swedish Institute or the Joseph Migneret rose garden.

Text: Sandrine Maggiani



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