For Wies Schulte, creator of the Indress brand, “allure” is a question of refined simplicity and lightness.

In her boutique in Le Marais, in the heart of Paris, she infuses her feminine collections with pigments and optimism, adding joy, good humor and surprise.

The women she dresses feel good because they become more important than the clothing, at the same time confident, free and radiant. For us, the stylist reveals her world and takes us to discover her Maraisian addresses.

Sandrine Maggiani: Wies, what excites you about fashion?

Wies Schulte: “Make a woman beautiful and proud ».

Who are your style icons?

“Blondie, Romy Schneider, Nina Simone and friends like the multi-talented stylist Aude Buttazzoni, hunter of distant objects... but we don't have enough space here to list them all! ».

Which women do you dress?

“Curious women, who love colors and refined simplicity. I dress multifaceted women who evolve through the moments of life, listening to their unique and varied emotions. And that's what I love ».

What is the distinctive sign that we find throughout your collections?

“My colors”.

What is the starting point of INDRESS, how did the brand develop?

“INDRESS has existed for 20 years. I was born in the Netherlands, after my studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp, I moved to Paris where I attended Jean-Charles de Castelbajac and accompanied Kenzo for years.

Working alongside them, I felt the need to tell my own story by creating my brand to imagine clothes that I could never find in stores.

I started alone, assisted by Maud Courault, my intern who has since become my valuable associate. Today my team has grown, we are 4 women in a completely independent company.”

Since your beginnings and due to the ongoing crisis, how have your collections and your brand values ​​evolved?

« I feel the even stronger desire to go to the essential, develop a few pieces, create essential models that we never tire of, that we preserve and mix without worrying about the seasons... and that we can to transmit ».

Why did you set up your Parisian boutique in the Marais and how did it contribute to the creation of the Indress universe?

« The creation of a place that embodies Indress was done gradually and clearly. My collections distributed by luxury multi-brand boutiques abroad had to be present in Paris where we created them.

Why the Marais… Because I instantly fell in love with the place. A former art gallery with bay windows and a 60s duplex that we completely redesigned to install the creative studio upstairs.

For me, Indress is a real neighborhood boutique where neighboring customers come to get their dose of colors and beautiful materials! ".

Faced with environmental and ethical issues, what is your commitment to sustainable fashion?

« My fashion has always been sustainable. I imagine timeless pieces and I use high-end fabrics whose quality stands the test of time. I look for accuracy between the quality and price of the clothes that I offer to my customers.

We use organic and traceable materials (Gots), and our production has always been carried out in Europe, where I go regularly and know the people who work on my pieces, assemble our flowers and knit my sweaters.

Aware of environmental issues, we now recycle our stock of old fabrics to create new models. This season our “wearable flowers” ​​are made from recycled silk, the long dress will be cut from silk scraps from all my previous collections and its “chiquissime” multi-colored version will be produced in a limited series! »

How have you adapted to the digitalization of consumption patterns, what online experience do you offer your community?

“Our e-shop is growing in importance. Faithful to the image and DNA of my brand, you can find the entire collection there. Beyond the period we are going through, this digital complementarity allows our customers in France and abroad to stay informed of our news and to buy their clothes on our site with ease.

We have very good feedback that we always want to be closer to our community. For example, we find on our site the films that accompany my collections each season, real creative UFOs made by Frédéric Guelaff and a whole team of friends: the Indress family! »

What makes the Marais remain “your Parisian village”?

“The neighborhood spirit that unites diversity and everything is within reach”.

Wies' favorite addresses:

      • Fashion and curiosities
Nice Piece :
my neighbor friend Bonaventure's shop, crazy and vintage place.
The JP LECONTE House, manufacturer of goldwork, cups, trophies and medals.

      • Culture
The Centre Pompidou
The Swiss Cultural Center, a soothing place with a choice of astonishing and confidential books.

      • Delicacies
The chocolates of Jacques Genin with a coffee or tea to welcome customers during fashion weeks.
The bakery All Around Bread, with delicious croissants.

      • Eating
The Italian village, an old-fashioned Italian caterer, and its great cuisine where I come for ravioli and grilled zucchini.
At Philipe's, welcoming, a simple and bright freshness.
The Soma for a romantic lunch.
Chez Nénesse, a restaurant like no other, traditional and homemade with a stove that sits in the middle of the room.

      • Garden
The square of Temple Elie Wiesel, very pretty Parisian garden with exotic trees, I love greenery, I like passing by there!

74, rue Charlot, 75003 Paris
From Tuesday to Saturday 11AM - 19PM
Tel: +01 42 41 37 94

Text: Sandrine Maggiani



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