Last theater of the old “boulevard du crime”,
the Déjazet is the pride of the neighborhood, just like the Café de la Gare,
the Point-Virgule and the other scenes.

The theater is around the corner! In the ten rooms of the 3e and 4e There are around ten other arrondissements in the immediate vicinity of the Marais, particularly on the Grands boulevards. Raise the curtain!

Theaters in Le Marais

Dejazet Theater

700 seats
41, boulevard du Temple (3e)
M° République

The Dejazet is the only theater on the “Boulevard du Crime” to have survived Haussmann’s transformations. The interior scenes of “Children of Paradise” were filmed there.

The programme

The Point-Virgule

100 seats
7, rue Sainte-Croix-de-la-Bretonnerie (4th)
M° Hôtel-de-Ville

The spirit of the theater created in 1975 by Gérard Lanvin, Anémone and Martin Lamotte lives on in the heart of the Marais.

The programme

Café de la Gare

300 seats
41, rue du Temple (4th)
M° City Hall

Inaugurated in 1972, the Café de la Gare saw the start of Miou-Miou, Patrick Dewaere, Henri Guybet, Coluche, Romain Bouteille…

The programme

Marais Theater

110 seats
37, rue Volta (3rd)
M° Arts-et-Métiers  

Since 2015, this theater, founded in 1976, has offered 15 shows per week, mainly one-(wo)man-shows, stand-up, and comedies.

The programme

Theater of White Jackets

60 80 to places
15, rue des Blancs-Manteaux (4th)

Inaugurated in 1972, this café-theater with two rooms (“Jacques Higelin” and “Michel Laroque”) and dedicated to humor has seen countless celebrities at the start of their careers.

The programme

Essaïon Theater

102 seats
6, rue Pierre au Lard (4th)
M° Rambuteau or Town Hall  

In vaulted cellars, the Essaïon theater has a second room with 67 seats, dedicated to the art of cabaret.

The programme

Espace Marais Theater

120 seats
22 rue Beautreillis (4e)
M° Saint-Paul or Bastille

The programming of this theater inaugurated in 1980 revolves around great authors, classic or contemporary. It houses an acting school. Jim Morrison died in a nearby building.

The programme

The Republic

450 seats
1, boulevard Saint-Martin (3rd)
M° République  

Laurent Ruquier, Laurent Gerra, François Morel, Gaspard Proust made their debut in this century-old address formerly called Caveau de la République.

The programme

The BO Saint-Martin

70 seats
19, boulevard Saint-Martin (3rd)

Opened in 2014, this pocket theater focuses its programming on humor, new talents and shows for young audiences.

The programme


Comedy Bastille

188 seats
5, rue Nicolas Appert (11th)
M° Chemin Vert

Founded in 1985, this theater cultivates its vocation of entertainment by promoting the emergence of young talents of authors, directors and actors.

The programme

Ice Palace

500 seats
37, rue du Faubourg du Temple (10th)
M° République

Inaugurated in 1876, the Palais des Glaces today promotes one-man shows and comic theater, including that of Molière.

The programme

Apollo Theater

92 346 to places
18, rue du Faubourg du Temple (11th)
M° République

Since 2014, this comedy stage (4 rooms) has focused its programming on comedies, one-(wo)man-shows and the discovery of new talents.

The programme

The Winter Circus

1600 seats
110, rue Amelot (11th)
M° Daughters of Calvary  

This remarkable building, inaugurated in 1852 and listed as a historic monument, notably houses the Bouglione circus. But not only.

The programme


Porte Saint-Martin Theater

1050 seats
18, boulevard Saint-Martin (10rd)
M° Strasbourg-Saint-Denis

This theater, built under Louis XVI, is listed as a historic monument. Sarah Bernhardt played there. Cyrano de Bergerac by Edmond Rostand was created there.

The programme

Renaissance theater

650 seats
20, boulevard Saint-Martin (10rd)
M° Strasbourg-Saint-Denis

Inaugurated in 1873 and classified as a historic monument, the theater was directed by Sarah Bernhardt from 1893 to 1899.

The programme

Anthony Theater

780 seats
14, boulevard de Strasbourg (10th)
M° Strasbourg-Saint-Denis

Listed as a historic monument, this room inaugurated in 1866 has seen immense actors from Pierre Brasseur to Jacqueline Maillan.

The program

Theatre Gym

800 seats
38, boulevard de Bonne Nouvelle (10th)
M° Good News  

Inaugurated in 1820 and listed as a historic monument, this theater has seen plays by Balzac, Sand, Cocteau, Pagnol, Guitry and Genet.

The programme

Variety Theater

928 seats
7, boulevard Montmartre (2nd)
M° Good News

Inaugurated in 1807 and classified as a historic monument in 1807, the Variétés was managed in the 1990s by Jean-Paul Belmondo.

The programme


300 seats
48, rue du Faubourg Saint-Martin (10th)
M° Strasbourg-Saint-Denis

Inaugurated in 1896, the Casino Saint-Martin welcomed Maurice Chevalier in 1908, in his early days. The Splendid troupe set its sights on this room in 1981, hence its current name.

The programme

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