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Series: before the presidential election, Marais Mood explores motivations young French voters.

Emma, ​​spokesperson for Anne_Hidalgo

Elected in the 11th arrondissement and deputy mayor in charge of culture and heritage, Emma is spokesperson for Anne Hidalgo. A graduate of the CELSA communications school, she is also a candidate for the legislative elections in the 7th district of Paris (4th, 11th and 12th arrondissement).

 How did your interest in politics begin?

I come from a suburban high school where there was a lot of inequality between students and I think that's when my desire to get involved was born. At the time, I decided to join an association (FIDL) which was fighting against discrimination in my high school. Then, in 2011, I demonstrated against pension reform under the presidency of Nicolas Sarkozy. That's when I decided to get involved in politics and no longer just in associations. So I joined the Socialist Party in 2011 at the age of 15, at the time campaigning for François Hollande.

 What qualities do you think Anne Hidalgo has?

She is a woman who has real strength of character. She knows how to make decisions when necessary, and assumes them with courage. We need at the head of the country a personality who is both aware of the crises that France is currently going through, but who is also strong enough to get through them with tenacity.

 What values ​​of the Socialist Party are most important to you?

First of all, I got involved in the Socialist Party because, on social issues, I shared the vision of its members. Over time, the fight for climate justice also became a priority for me. The PS is the only party on the left that manages to integrate both social and ecological questions, without placing a hierarchy of importance between the two.

 What is the advantage for a young person of voting for Anne Hidalgo?

Because it focuses on youth. She wishes to promote the issue of autonomy and dignity of young people. If she is elected, she will put in place a “young minimum” of 564 euros per month, subject to means testing. This will be a guaranteed minimum income for all young people who need it.

Along the same lines, Anne Hidalgo wants to establish a donation of 5000 euros for all young people when they turn 18. The idea is to show that she believes in young people and that we want to give them the means to live better and happier.

Furthermore, the PS wishes to carry out an ambitious project for higher education. Massively creating a number of places at the University is essential. It is not acceptable that a large proportion of young people do not have access to higher education.

Finally, Hidalgo wants to establish the right to vote and stand for election at 16 years old. This measure would go hand in hand with the establishment of more concrete civic support. It's about telling young people that we trust them, and that we want to think about and build the future with them.

 How does Anne Hidalgo stand out from the political offerings of the left?

I share the anger of many French people who find that there are too many candidates on the left. We observe a rather frustrating war of egos, especially when we know the skyrocketing rise of the extreme right at the same time.

On the left, Anne Hidalgo is the one who most relevantly embodies social struggles and those for climate justice. We see this concretely with his actions at Marie de Paris. In the Marais district in particular, it has implemented pedestrianization in a very significant way.

 What is his economic program?

Anne Hidalgo carries an economic project which is linked to a social project, first illustrated by an increase in salaries. It is about giving everyone the means to live with dignity. To do this, she proposes increasing the minimum wage by 200 euros net.

In addition, it is also carrying out an ambitious project to achieve total equal pay between women and men, in particular by helping women to engage in scientific professions.

 And about ecology?

For Anne Hidalgo, ecology is a priority. She has also demonstrated this in her actions as mayor of the city of Paris. But ecology without solidarity is gardening. Thus, if she is elected, the rule will be as follows: for each euro invested in ecological justice, one euro will be invested in social justice.

In addition, Anne Hidalgo wants to include the crime of “ecocide” in the French constitution, and thus give legal personality to nature. She wants to reintroduce the wealth tax, abolished by Emmanuel Macron in 2017, to replace it with a climate ISF. Thus, the revenue from this tax will directly finance the ecological transition.

 And about nuclear power?

We want France to maintain and strengthen its energy independence. Hidalgo therefore does not want to abandon nuclear power, but still invest in renewable energies. This involves promoting energy diversity and increasing renewable inputs as much as possible.

In my opinion, the energy issue must above all be addressed at European level. Peace in Europe is guaranteed by a certain economic interdependence of European countries among themselves.

Text: Morgane Joulin


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