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Surely tired of being accused of all the ills of the capital, the mayor of Paris has decided to let Parisians decide the future of self-service scooters.

This is why on Sunday April 2, residents of the capital are invited to a vote which asks a simple question: “For or against self-service scooters?” »

We asked Parisians on the subject and here is what they told us:

“I find it completely absurd to hold a referendum FOR or AGAINST the scooter. As if it were an “all black or all white” debate. Personally, I am an occasional scooter user and I find that those who put two people on a scooter, burn the lights or slalom between cars are really abusing it.

But the scooter is very practical when there is a strike or traffic jams. In short, when I'm in a hurry and I want to get from point A to point B quickly, I look for a scooter. The real debate would have been to know whether we regulate the scooter market, even if it means making a call for tenders for a single operator, chosen on serious criteria (safety, re-usability, ethics, etc.), who would have a monopoly on The city of Paris.

We should also be tougher on users of non-motorized two-wheelers (scooters, bicycles) with mandatory awareness training if they are caught in the act. »
Toni, 29 years old, acquisition manager

“I don’t understand this question. Why ask people about it, and not worry about self-service bicycles, the visibility of cycle paths, the provision of two-wheeler parking, and many others?

The real question seems to me to be that of pedestrian safety in Paris. We should look into all the possible causes of pedestrian insecurity (one of these could be scooters but it is far from the only one). So, I don't really see the purpose of this vote targeted at scooters specifically. That does not make sense. »
Angèle, 30 years old, carpentry workshop manager

“It’s dangerous, some users drive on the sidewalks without paying attention to pedestrians. »
Vincent, 55 years old, artist

“It's sometimes convenient to go somewhere and it's quicker than the metro or the bus, especially late in the evening when there are no more buses. The downside is that users in general are not careful. They are dangerous for pedestrians but also for cars. How many times have I seen scooters rushing by without stopping at a red light.

Frankly, when you're driving in Paris, do you panic because you already have to watch out for pedestrians, bikes and now scooters coming from anywhere? Another problem: scooters fall over all the time when parked. In our street, it was really abusive: there were at least 15 of them at the end of the street, lying on the ground in all directions.

Conclusion: it can be a practical means of transport for cities but we need to regulate all this a little better. »
Marlène, 29 years old, analyst

“I read that the carbon footprint of scooters was worse than you think, because of their electric battery and their lifespan – less than a year – But, hey, it's not worse than electric bikes. »
Jacques, 70 years old, retired

“We're fed up with these scooters going in the wrong direction! »
Roland, 47 years old, lawyer

“It is a fast and light means of transport, practical to use. And not expensive ! 2 or 3€ for a journey of 900 meters, completed in 4 minutes for example. »
Emma, ​​22 years old, student

“We've had 5 bikes stolen in ten years, so life has changed since we opted for the scooter. »
Marie and Lucie, 47 and 52 years old, traders

“I am against the ban on scooters. I would like to believe that some people are not always aware of the rules, but frankly the scooter is no worse than cyclists on the sidewalks or who decide to continue on their way, at zebra crossings, when the priority is the pedestrians”.
Anaïs, 29 years old, photographer

“When there were more than ten operators and scooters lying all over the sidewalk, this was not possible. But the initial mayhem has stopped. Today, with only three operators [Dott, Lime and Tier, authorized since 2020], things are going well, things have improved. »
Lionel, 42 years old, advertising executive

“If this vote allows young abstainers to become familiar with democratic elections, that’s good. »
Alex, 55 years old, journalist

The polling stations are open from 9 a.m. to 19 p.m. Sunday April 2, 2023. Voting open to all people registered on the Paris electoral lists. Bring an identity document.

Comments collected by Le Marais Mood


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