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We tested Ashtanga Yoga with Hawaiian Callie Mahoney

During Ashtanga Yoga sessions with Callie Mahoney, you feel like you're going to the end of the world, somewhere on a distant island. Normal: this former model who has been practicing yoga since a young age herself comes from Honolulu, the capital of Hawaii, in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

What is Ashtanga Yoga?

Ashtanga incorporates postures which are stretches capable of infusing energy and strength into the body, accompanied by contractions (bandas), which aim to accumulate vital breath (prana) in the deep parts of the body tissues. The specificity of Ashtanga lies in its sequence of predefined postures, of increasing complexity. Progression from one posture to another depends on the mastery of each, thus strengthening the individual's patience.

Why is it good?

This age-old discipline seduces with its dynamic and holistic approach. It's much more than just a yoga session; it is a sensory experience that combines movement, breathing, and meditation. The physical and mental benefits are numerous, from increased flexibility to inner peace.

With whom ?

Classes are led by Callie, an exceptional teacher who brings a unique touch to the practice. Attentive, caring and precise in her teaching, this native of Hawaii combines grace and body awareness, thus offering expert guidance to each participant. The group does not exceed 8 to 10 people.

How does it happen ?

Each Ashtanga Yoga session is the perfect combination of body and mind. Fluid movements are synchronized with breathing, creating harmony that promotes concentration and grounding. Callie, with her precision and gentleness, guides each participant through demanding postures for perfect alignment. The session ends with Indian chants and mantras with the intention of bringing out the experience lived for an hour.

When is it?

Fans can immerse themselves in this experience every Sunday at 19:30 p.m. at Atelier Marais. A weekly meeting accessible all year round, which allows consistency and regularity.

What is the spirit of the place?

L'Atelier Marais provides an intimate and warm environment. In this small space, each participant feels connected and supported. The spirit of the place is imbued with positive energy, encouraging individual expression within the community.

And the philosophy of the course?

The course philosophy is based on engagement and presence. Each session is an inner journey, an exploration of oneself through movement and meditation. The practice ends with chants and mantras, adding a spiritual dimension to the experience. “I am very sensitive to the bond of sharing with my students,” says Callie.

Why do we love?

We love Ashtanga Yoga for its ability to transform the body and mind. We love the atmosphere of the place, Callie's personality, her charming American accent despite her perfect French. She. Each session is a source of inspiration and personal progress. The combination of his expert guidance and his good spirit that his students willingly share creates an unforgettable experience.

Course prices Sunday and Tuesday €20/for 2 hours
The studio offers a discovery pack, at €29 for two sessions.

Marais Workshop
54 rue Charlot, 75003 Paris
Tel: +06 48 73 21 96

Text: Katia Barillot



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Saka, a cocktail bar like in Tokyo

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