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The list led by Raphaël Glucksmann comes first in the two Marais districts with 29,41% in the 3rd arrondissement and 29,41% in the 4th. She is also winner in the 2nd, 5th, 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th, 13th, 14th and 18th.

In the Marais, Valérie Hayer's Macronist list comes in second position with just over 20% of the votes. In the 3rd arrondissement, the ecologists and France Insoumise come in third and fourth positions respectively; in the
4th is the opposite. And this, with scores ranging from approximately 10 to 12%.

The Republican right represented by François-Xavier Bellamy comes in fifth place (with 8% in the 27rd and 3% in the 9,67th). Finally, the National Rally of Jordan Bardella obtains 4% in the 5,93rd and 3% in the 8,39th. The far right can
also count on approximately 5% of Marion Maréchal-Le Pen’s Reconquest list in the two Marais districts.

Here are the complete results from Paris Center (1st, 2nd, 3 and 4th arrondissement) where twenty lists obtained fewer than 100 votes. Better yet: 11 lists received fewer than 10 votes in total in the four districts!

Participation rate in Paris Center: 60,23% (40 votes cast)

Waking up Europe, Raphaël GLUCKSMANN: 26,48% (10)

Need for Europe, Valérie HAYER: 21,78% (8)

Europe Ecology List, Manon AUBRY: 11,93% (4)

Rebellious France, Marie TOUSSAINT: 11,3% (4)

The Right, François-Xavier BELLAMY: 9,25% (3)

National gathering, Jordan BARDELLA: 7,33% (2)

Reconquest, Marion MARÉCHAL: 5,43% (2)

Animalist party, Hélène THOUY: 1,3% (531)

French Communist Party, Léon DEFFONTAINES: 1,14% (467)

François ASSELINEAU: 0,74% (301)

Jean-Marc GOVERNATORI: 0,55% (225)

Florian PHILIPPOT: 0,51% (210)

Marine CHOLLEY: 0,50% (204)

Caroline ZORN: 0,36% (149)

Yann WEHRLING: 0,30% (123)

Jean LASSALLE: 0,26% (107)

Nathalie ARTHAUD: 0,21% (87)

Guillaume LACROIX: 0,16% (64)

Pierre LARROUTUROU: 0,11% (47)

Selma LABIB: 0,10% (41)

Georges RENARD-KUZMANOVIC: 0,07% (29)

Audric ALEXANDRE: 0,03% (14)

Francis LALANNE: 0,03% (13)

Gaël COST-MEUNIER: 0,03% (13)

Laure PATAS D’ILLIERS: 0,02% (9)

Hamada TRAORÉ: 0,01% (4)

Philippe PONGE: 0,01% (3)

Pierre-Marie BONNEAU: 0,01% (3)

Lorys ELMAYAN: 0,01% (3)

Olivier TERRIEN: 0% (2)

Michel SIMONIN: 0% (2)

Camille ADOUE: 0% (2)

Patrice GRUDÉ: 0% (1)

Charles HOAREAU: 0% (1)

Edouard HUSSON: 0% (1)

Nagib AZERGUI: 0% (1)

Text: Katia Barillot


Notre-Dame: dismantling of the scaffolding has begun

Notre-Dame: dismantling of the scaffolding has begun

The gigantic repair project at Notre-Dame de Paris cathedral is coming to an end. The dismantling of the spire scaffolding has begun. It is visible again with, at its top, a rooster which sits in majesty. In ten months, visitors will be able to return to the places whose reopening is planned...

Vote on SUVs: The results in Paris-Centre

Vote on SUVs: The results in Paris-Centre

Paris voted against SUVs. But only 6% of residents went to the polls. Of the 1 Parisians registered, 374 took part in the ballot. With 532% of votes in favor, the majority expressed their desire to tax these behemoths of the Parisian streets.

In the Mood for Brunch at L’Inouvert

In the Mood for Brunch at L’Inouvert

It's a clear place and well framed like a film photo. Normal, one might say, since this café-restaurant also has a bookstore section dedicated to photography with quality, sometimes rare works – selected by different curators such as Christine Barthe, the photo manager…

Chic vintage boutiques in the Marais

Chic vintage boutiques in the Marais

The second-hand market has always had its fans. There is, however, vintage and vintage. From the sweatshirt sold by weight to the rare restored piece, there is a world of difference. It is second hand fashion, which today meets environmental concerns. Above all, it's a way to create unique looks at a good price.

Vegetarian restaurant: Bonnard, it’s all good!

Vegetarian restaurant: Bonnard, it’s all good!

You immediately feel at home at Bonnard where you are welcomed by Elise, the French-American hostess, chic and relaxed, in a decor where wood and stone predominate. This is because, here, everything is natural: the decor, the people, the organic wines, the seasonal cuisine. Welcome, then, street…



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