10 addresses for Valentine's Day 2020

It seems that nine out of ten people like chocolate and the tenth lie. For Valentine's Day, February 14, the Marais chocolatiers are in unison to celebrate the love of chocolate. Overview.

New in the Marais, the Belgian house Elizabeth, created by a sparkling woman, strives to introduce us to the products of the best traditional producers of Belgian specialties. After its six stores in Brussels, it opened a place in November 2019 on rue Vieille du Temple. For Valentine's Day, the founder of the brand entrusted Frédéric Blondeel, best chocolatier Gault et Millau 2019, with the creation of Sweets for my sweet, four chocolate hearts.

The first crispy with its hazelnut and feuillantine, the second, with almonds, is crunchy, the third mixes strawberry and pepper and the last is runny caramel with notes of raspberry. Box of 4, 6 or 16 from €6,90

Photo: ©Anaïs Costet

At Edward is a house founded six years ago by Edwin Yansané, a thirty-year-old who is in the Top 10 of the Best Chocolatiers in Paris according to the New York Times. Its boutique located at 17, rue Vieille du Temple in the 4th arrondissement unveils the catcher in the heart, a case of creamy milk chocolate hearts garnished with a sakura leaf ganache, the Japanese cherry tree, a bouye praline, the tangy baobab fruit, coated with milk chocolate or even a ganache with both peppers coated in dark chocolate with spicy and vegetal notes. Box of 16 chocolates €17

Photo: ©Edwart

Michalak, world pastry champion in 2005, delights with a raspberry and caramel marshmallow treat with a 66% dark chocolate coating. 140g €18,00. Also, a pastry to share consisting of a biscuit and Viennese shortbread soaked in passion fruit juice, candied pear, rose and cream cheese. For 2 people, 20€

Photo: ©Delphine Michalak

The House’s pastry chefs Ours, the leading caterer in France with nearly a hundred stores, are creating a gourmet duo to personalize or more precisely three “petals” of millefeuille with pistachio, raspberry, chocolate, passion fruit and vanilla flavors. Combined, two other petals form a heart with different flavors. Individual yarrow petal €9. Also: chocolate boxes of 6 hearts, €12.

Photo: ©Lenôtre

The Paris Ice Cream Shop, including founder David Wesmaël (MOF – Best worker in France –) is an artisan ice cream maker and chocolatier, invites you to taste heart inflamed, an intense dark chocolate ice cream, with its crispy praline and almond dacquoise, which goes well with its Madagascar vanilla parfait.

Photo: ©La Glacerie Paris

Pierre Hermé, the one nicknamed the “Picasso of pastry”, gives carte blanche to illustrator Florence Bamberger for pop and colorful packaging inspired by years of innocence and first loves which contain macaroons. Boxes of 7 or 12 from €19. Also: Ispahan macaroons, heart-shaped, with rose, raspberry and lychee. And even Orpheo Heart : dark chocolate biscuit, with hazelnut praline and roasted almonds. For 2/3 people, from 36€.

Photo: ©Pierre Hermé

At the Family of Mother, the oldest chocolate factory in Paris, founded in 1761 and established since 2015 in the Marais at 23, rue Rambuteau, makes us melt with Sacred Heart, heart-shaped molding which contains mini chocolate dragees, hazelnuts and almonds coated in delicate chocolate. From 8,00€. Also: the Sans-Valentin kit filled with house specialties, to be enjoyed alone or with an accomplice.

Photo: ©To the mother

The House of chocolate, a pioneer forty years ago in its way of offering exclusively chocolate, influenced an entire generation of chocolatiers. It offers In the heart of Paris, a box made up of four bites: black praline with caramelized pecans, milk praline with hazelnuts and pieces of crepe lace, black mendiant with pieces of hazelnuts, almonds, pistachios, and a milk mendiant with hazelnuts. 15 or 38 pieces, from €22.

The safe Paris I love you, interprets in chocolate four districts of the city of lovers with its chocolate know-how: “Opéra chic”, “Pétillant Montmartre”, “Luxembourg exquisite” and “Désinvolte Saint-Germain”. Box of 9 or 16 pieces, from €17.

Photo: ©The chocolate house

Jacques Genin, the undeniable star of chocolate and pastry – to order – plays with the senses thanks to its Mosaics of the heart which contain pralines, ganaches, rocks, mendiants, orangettes, caramels, nougats, fruit jellies and some little heart-shaped treasures.

Photo: ©Jacques Genin

This year, for Yann Roofer, Valentine's Day rhymes with saucy and lovemaking. With Foxy Valentine's day, his biscuit and crispy almond dessert, vanilla almond praline, poached pears, chocolate sauce, the former pastry chef of the Prince of Wales, virtuoso in the re-interpretation of classics, delivers a message to those who have forgotten that love , it's not just words. For two people, 14€.

This should not make us forget the Terrier duo Valentine's Day, milk hazelnut praline chocolate filling, milk or dark chocolate coating, much more romantic. Two pieces for €4,80.

Photo: ©Yann Couvreur

Text: Katia Barillot




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