Paris Design Week | Commines area

Paris Design Week, which this year puts the spotlight on “desirable development”, is firstly presented in figures: for 10 days and 5 evenings, 200 places mark out 9 thematic walks in 4 Parisian districts. And this from September 9 to 18, 2021.

Design enthusiasts will then be able to discover the best of this discipline. Whether French or foreign, all will present their prototypes and new collections in four sectors of the capital:

Pigalle-Barbès-Stalingrad / Opéra-Concorde-Etoile / Palais Royal-Marais- Bastille / Left Bank.


Galerie Joseph Turenne: new publishing houses to discover

Enough to see Slean, the series of desks created by Désormeaux-Carette for teleworkers but also the aluminum compositions (furniture, accessories) by Mala Leche Design etc.

• Joseph Gallery
51, rue de Turenne, 75003 Paris

Espace Commines: discovering young talents

Around twenty young French designers, including the winners of the Grand Prix de la Création de la Ville de Paris Lucile Viaud, Rebecca Fézard, Elodie Michaud and Grégory Granados. His STEP project, a musical instrument too large to be handled by a single person and made from recycled and diverted objects, will be exhibited.

Commines space
17, rue Commines, 75003 Paris

▼ Galerie Joseph Froissart: meeting the rising generation

Slovenian designers are thinking about the habitat of the future. The Brazilian delegation presents the work of ten of its talents as part of the Raid Project while Spanish designers present work on accessories and textiles. Cameroon is represented by the artist Pierre-Christophe Gam etc.

Joseph Gallery
7 Rue Froissart, 75003 Paris

Cor from the Lemoigne hotel: the pioneer of design vegetal

Alexis Tricoire, nicknamed “the artist with green fingers”, imagined a project to raise awareness of the protection of biodiversity. An entire dreamlike plant universe with plants and animals is enclosed in wooden architecture made from natural and recycled materials.

Historical library of the city of Paris
24, rue Pavée, 75004 Paris

Hôtel Coulanges: Where is the beauty?

Helene Aguilar, the founder of the podcast Where is the beauty? invites you to discover 40 designers committed to desirable development. Note the presence of Lucile Viaud designer, researcher, artist who collects marine waste, such as oyster shells, snails and even fish bones to transform them into glass or plaster.

Coulanges Collective
35-37 rue des francs-bourgeois, 75004 Paris

Hôtel de Sully: ultramodern design

The Sully hotel welcomes designer and decorator Pierre Gonalons whose creations go against the codes of the moment. THE Artistic director of the Italian publisher Paradisoterrestre uses decorative arts to sketch out demanding and radical work: a dialogue between trimmings and bergère armchairs with ultra-modern cutouts.

Sully Hotel
5 place des Vosges & 48 rue Saint-Antoine 75004 Paris

Arsenal Pavilion: solutions for tomorrow

Can we continue to offer flowers? How can we recycle digital technologies and our electronic devices? The Pavillon de l'Arsenal questions the winners of the Agora grant responsible for exploring solutions for tomorrow, such as micro energy sources for individual homes.

Arsenal Pavilion
21 boulevard Morland 75004 Paris

Text: Katia Barillot


Notre-Dame: dismantling of the scaffolding has begun

Notre-Dame: dismantling of the scaffolding has begun

The gigantic repair project at Notre-Dame de Paris cathedral is coming to an end. The dismantling of the spire scaffolding has begun. It is visible again with, at its top, a rooster which sits in majesty. In ten months, visitors will be able to return to the places whose reopening is planned...

Vote on SUVs: The results in Paris-Centre

Vote on SUVs: The results in Paris-Centre

Paris voted against SUVs. But only 6% of residents went to the polls. Of the 1 Parisians registered, 374 took part in the ballot. With 532% of votes in favor, the majority expressed their desire to tax these behemoths of the Parisian streets.

The best tattoo parlors in Marais

The best tattoo parlors in Marais

Tattooing, an age-old practice, has long been the prerogative of convicts, dock workers, the underworld and sailors. Although it has become democratized, now affecting all profiles and concerning one in five French people, including 16% women compared to 10% men, it still remains taboo due to its definitive and transgressive nature.

Piccola Mia, the pizzas of the Republic

Piccola Mia, the pizzas of the Republic

On the Place de la République, a brasserie with Italian accents has just opened, which quickly made people forget the old Pizza Pino. Welcome to Piccola Mia, the fruit of the joyful encounter between Italian chef Denny Imbroisi, pizza chef Julien Serri and mixologist Matthias Giroud who creates a creative cocktail menu.